Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2005's "Photographs" Ready for Download

I will always remember fondly the days when we made movies that were like movies. For those few of us that enjoy their bondage with an hour-long plot, looks like all we will have are these older flicks.

Photographs was the video debut of local goth model Gwendolyn Giovanni. She did fantastic as the creepy stalker. In real life she wasn't the least bit creepy, but very smart and fun to be around. I remember her giggling the first time Natasha and I tied her to a chair. Sweet girl.

We shot this across two days, and even threw in a scene of bondage sex -- a first for a plotted feature film of ours. Connie Sims came down from Vegas. We worked with her for years in Detroit and she moved out west about the same time we did. It was great to have her back doing her thing with us in a totally different part of the country.

So, you can have this movie right here.

Gwendolyn getting the business from Connie Sims (left) and Natasha Flade (right).

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