Thursday, July 28, 2016

Early 1998

I came a cross a DVD that I had transferred from a master tape that I had submitted to Harmony Concepts back in 1998. This was the very first stuff I had put to video. They rejected it, but I went on to make a bunch of vids for those folks. One of the main reasons they didn't want this movie was because of the lighting. Can't blame them.

Literally, one day I was whacking it to some Harmony VHS tape and I got to thinking that I could do this. I mean make bondage movies. Doesn't look that hard. And I really do hate my fucking job, so maybe I could even make a living at this. So, I went to Best Buy and picked up a home video camera, placed an ad in a local paper looking for models and I tied up some girls and shot them. No extra lights.

Well, consumer-grade camera + no lighting = shoddy looking video. I was having fun, though. I'm sure I have the original tapes and I could make them look better than the twice-transferred-business you see below. I still have that old camera and it still works! The breakout box (necessary to transfer from this camera to the computer) that I have needs a driver, which I have yet to locate.

So, if I can get shit together, would you like to see some of this old, grainy amateur video?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Adding Our Old Movies for Download

As of this writing we have two titles available: Thespians and The Process. These were our first DVD releases, after a few years' worth of VHS movies. We do have plans to make those old VHS flick available too, we just need to get some equipment off eBay to make that happen.

Thespians is about a couple of actresses and their director, and stars Natasha Flade, Tabitha Katz and Lydia Lyles. The shooting was going along all fine and wonderful until someone bit someone else's boob too hard. I'll be more specific. We had Natasha and Tabitha naked and roped to chairs and Lydia was really getting into her role with the biting and the groping and put a too much tooth to Tabitha's nipple. We don't play for pain, and Tabitha didn't sign on for such shenanigans. So Tabitha was pissed, but she's a pro and a just a darn good person to boot so we were able to shoot the rest of the movie without a hitch or any drama. But check the crew shot. Tabitha did not muster a smile for that one.

The Process we shot in two parts in two different locations. First was the home part, with Tabitha Katz and Connie Sims with Jesus Dios in an acting role. The second part was in Lydia Lyles' apartment, which starred herself along with Natasha, Miranda Capulet, and Quinn K. supporting. In apartments you always have to worry about neighbors. But Lydia lived in a place that was probably built around 1900. So we had an advantage of thick plaster walls and sturdy everything else. But when we had Lydia and Miranda handcuffed to a radiator, they were jangling so much that I feared someone would thing the place was haunted. But no one complained. Well, it was Detroit. Generally you only complain when a neighbor is murdering someone, not making a little extra noise. Alas, I only remembered to take a crew shot for Part 1.

 Note, Tabitha was happier here. :)

Go directly to our page with all of our feature movie downloads.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Woods of Tennessee in 2000

Came upon an old photoset from 16 years ago. It took me back to the time Natasha and I headed south to visit my Dad in Tennessee. Natasha and I had been together less than a year, and this was the first time she would meet him. He had a little place on about 200 acres of west Tennessee forest and rolling hills. So what do we do? We head out deep in the woods and shoot some bondage! Dad just knew we liked walks in the woods. He was an older gent and was only up to one walk a day. But we'd be up for two. A couple of the old photos have been resurrected for your delight! She's triple gagged in these shots.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Star Nine Paid Us a Visit

I was really hoping we could get some serious outside bondage time, but the weather refused to cooperate. It was cold and rainy both days she was here. Star is a California girl, and doesn't take too well to the cold. The rain broke for a bit and we rushed outside. I set up the tripod and roped her to a post. We did a lovely and super-quick scene. Alas, being in such a hurry mistakes were made by me during the shooting, which resulted in a much shorter product than originally intended. :(

That was the only hiccup. I hope. Otherwise it was great spending a little time with Star -- she's a true professional and a sweetheart to boot. We hope to catch her again next year!

And the coupon is back! Buy some clips at BVC to make your own fireworks for the 4th!