Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Perhaps the Oddest KBS Video

Back in 2008 our friends Chloe Night and Sergio were running a lucrative Clips4Sale store with Chloe dominating poor Sergio. For a crossover video that we could all use, I shot the couple coming in with a bound and gagged Natasha, then Chloe fucking Natasha as Chloe "demonstrates" to the naked and cock-caged Sergio the proper arts of fucking a woman. Natasha, by the time the fucking begins, is roped spread and nude and ballgagged. It actually turned out really neat. You'll find it at KBS and BVC.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Security Camera Bondage

We tried something with a different flavor last week at Centaur. We shot a video that looks like it was entirely caught on home security cameras. Naturally, since this is something we have never done before, I'm fishing for thoughts. Even if you haven't bought the video, the concept is straightforward. And once the grabbing, tying , gagging, molesting begins, it's a single static angle from one camera. Of course in future videos done like this we can move into different rooms, walking/dragging/carrying the bound model to get more action and different angles but keeping with the same concept of it all being caught on hidden cameras, likely unknown to the bad guy.

For this video we decided to go with black and white. We could have gone with grainy, off-color, too. Any preference? Or we could post every security cam video in different forms: maybe one grainy B&W, one with static, yellow color, etc. So, lend me your opinions in the comments or email us at centaurcelluloid@< remove this bot prevention> gmail.com.