Thursday, October 29, 2015

Having Kordelia Over Was a Blast

Kordelia Devonshire has become a friend over the past few years of working together. We have this tradition of hitting up this Indian food joint in Albuquerque every time she comes to town. This time she was en route to Burning Man and stopped by our place to say hi and get tied up. She did some fab nanny work, as evidenced by the pic below for

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm Back to Blogging

Okay, it's been six months. Been micro-blogging over on Twitter, but really can't say much over there. So to catch you up really quickly:

We have a new location that's remote. Here's a sneaky preview of a "Secretaries Tied & Gagged in the Wilderness" set we did with Candle Boxxx out there.

So we can do some outdoor stuff with all the chasing and screaming that comes with a great bondage scene.

Also, Natasha Flade is going to start doing customs. We haven't worked out all the particulars yet, but you can go ahead and write her at with the header "Customs!"

She also started her own Twitter account (finally!) and she is @THENatashaFlade. You can keep up with all of her sexy shenanigans over there.

New footage of Candle Boxxx bound, gagged & molested can be found at

Anyway, I aim to stop in here with candid info and photos a few times every week. Hope to hear from you folks down in the comments!