Sunday, December 27, 2015

Re-Released DVD Titles of Old

Some fans have been asking about some of our older discontinued DVDs. Well, we're bringing two titles back immediately and we'll see how that goes. It's kinda nice to look at some of that old video that we shot over 10 years ago. These are only $9 each, so it wouldn't be much for you to own the classic stuff, when we had front-to-back story lines and some pretty cool settings. When I'm dead maybe a Centaur DVD might be worth something. The re-releases are The Process and Videotape. The former is pantyhose themed and the latter is office attire. Hit the pages up for the free pics and trailers if nothing else.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Returning to the Roots

Back in 1999, our first feature video release was Urban Woodland, a bondage video about girls kidnapped for ransom in a wooded city park. It had outdoor bondage galore, even a scene walking two damsels with their hands bound behind them and gagged with thick cleaves across a knee-deep river. In fact, that river-crossing was the cover shot and the image that made Centaur Celluloid look all edgy. More outdoor scenes followed in Tangle (more woods) and The Cons of Hitchhiking (a freaking roadside kidnapping).

Lately, we've been dialing up the outdoor stuff. The latest is Candle Box being marched out in the woods, in damn near identical bondage to the seminal Urban Woodland scene. Just two weeks previous we had Natasha Flade tied up on a huge rock in her heels and hose. She was also walked into that scene with her hands tied behind her.

It feels good to be shooting stuff outside. We have certainly have never completely stopped doing outdoor scenes (even a bondage sex scene we did in the woods for KBS) but lately we've done more than the usual, and it feels nostalgic. Hope you are enjoying it all.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Don't Forget Your Best Friend This Holiday Season

And by best friend, we both know I'm talking about your penis. Penises are sometimes forgotten about with all the joy and stress of the holidays. Best thing is, no gift-wrapping is necessary. Everything comes straight through your internets. We have a load of double-damsel action lately with Danielle Trixie and Carly Erin, Anastasia Pierce and Britnigh Banks, Tabitha Katz and Miranda Capulet, and even some fab NEW stuff from Natasha Flade and Candle Boxxx. Your penis could use some holiday cheer too!

Happy Holidays everyone! To all the gals, guys and the penises out there!