Sunday, September 29, 2013

This Is SO Fun to watch!

I have bondage fantasies about having another girl tie up and gag my wife and then have fun with her. When our friend Chloe was out assisting with our shoots, that's what I directed to happen. Well, in the latest scene, I was the one doing all the roping and gagging, then I let her come in for the fucking. That's cool, too. Sometimes, I really would just like to kick back and watch the action. In particular, I like to watch the action happen to Natasha. Anyone else out there having fantasies about someone else tying up their wife or girlfriend?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cutie Leah Iron

We dug deeply into the archive tapes to find this little gem. It's from an old Harmony movie called "Incubus" that was released in 1999. Asian Leah and her African American friend Marsha Roxbury were scheduled to come over for this shoot at 11:00 AM on a Sunday. They had called off the last shoot at the last minute, and I was very late getting into bed Saturday night. I thought that they might just call off again, so I didn't even bother to set my alarm to get up in time. After all, I thought, they're raver girls, and will be out to all hours on a Saturday night.

At 11:00 sharp that Sunday, the doorbell woke me up. Well, damn. It was them and I was fresh out of bed with little sleep and no shower. I called my friend Rasputin Benoit and told him that we were suddenly shooting. He said he'd be over. I rushed around gathering equipment, a tiny breakfast and a quick grooming session. The girls laughed at me for thinking they wouldn't show up. It turned out to be a great shoot.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Danielle Trixie is Coming!

At the end of October we have a 2-day shoot scheduled with the beautiful, blonde, buxom, bondage sweetheart. We've been tying her up since 2006, so we have a long and wonderful history with this girl. We can't wait to pick her up at the airport.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

What an Adorable Smile

This is Quimm Anaheim. This is a still taken from our last shoot with her. The camera was on a tripod and the shot was framed for the gagging scene. We were rolling, but action had not yet been called. Someone over to the left likely said something amusing, because she's got that heart-melting smile going on. Either that, or she just really enjoys being tied to that bedpost. I guess I'll have to ask her.

Right after this frame, action is called and she gets a mouthful of cloth. It's a great video with her and Natasha Flade being real estate agents in trouble.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Have This Thing For Bathrobes

Today's update on Centaur is Natasha Flade bound and gagged in her robe and barefoot. I have a serious fetish for a chick tied up in her robe, barefoot. I first noticed this around 1990, when I was still a college lad. I was visiting a friend, dropping something off at her apartment, and she came to the door in her robe. She was a cutie, and as I was sitting with her chatting I had the biggest lust rush come over me. Damn, it was intense, but I didn't let on at all -- we were both involved with other people at the time. When I left I was wondering what exactly triggered that response. I mean, I had known this girl for at least a year or so and nothing of the sort had happened before. I later concluded that it was the robe! I have no idea what sets me off about a girl in a bathrobe -- most particularly all tied up, of course -- but damn, that's some serious sexual intensity for me. The three Bs: Bondage, Bare feet, Bathrobe.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hogtied Chicks All Over the Floor

This video that we restored from the original tapes is from 2001. It was a struggly scene with 3 models: Justine Kou, Gia Lanay and Natasha Flade. The funny thing about this clip is that the girls ended up all over the basement by about 3 minutes into it. Especially Gia (the blonde) -- she was always a vocal and energetic struggler and I have no doubt that she could have ascended the stairs while remaining hogtied! Although when she initially showed up for this shoot she was very low on energy. She apparently had been rolling on ecstacy the previous evening and had little sleep and nothing to eat. When she was tied back-to-back with Justine standing against a post, she suddenly had the urge to vomit. Natasha grabbed a bucket and let her go to it -- still bound to the post. She was fine after that! She had more then enough energy to scoot all over the basement while hogtied.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Classic Bondage Sex

We could not get the shooting done that we needed this weekend, so we dug up some old bondage sex stuff. It's from 2006, I think. I would apologize, but from the feedback we get people are actually more excited to see us bring old stuff to light than they are seeing us shoot new stuff. I'm not quite sure I understand that, but we'll keep finding old stuff for you guys as we go along. If anyone here cares to comment on the issue of old footage, pro or con, please do so. Love to hear from you folks.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yeah, I Taped Over That

In 2011, we had Danielle Trixie and Mallory Page over for two days of shooting. After the first day, I had to edit and upload some new video for the site that evening. The next morning we started shooting again, and after the first scene, to my utter horror, I discovered that I did not move the tape forward from my loading last night and had taped over a scene I had shot yesterday. Wasted time, effort and money are a triple threat that punch me in the gut especially hard. But being in the middle of shooting, there was little time for lamentations or rage: We just kept going. The lost scene is from the photo below. We just updated Centaur with these pictures for the first time ever. At least those were not lost.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Connie Getting Dildoed

One thing we did quite often on the now-defunct Connie In Bondage site was having Natasha take a dildo to her. It was something that gave that site a bit of an edge back in 2005. Back then, internet videos had to be rather short to accommodate the download times, so all of the scenes were under five minutes. And they weren't very high-rez, either. But anyway, we've decided to start bringing some of these back, re-editing them from the source tapes to be as good as they can be. We've combined two of these into one clip for this week's update in Kidnapped for Bondage Sex. It's also available on BVC as a single purchase.