Monday, July 29, 2013

Waiting to Get Fucked

For that office shoot, we shot Natasha getting her hands bound behind her back and then getting packing-gagged. After that, I had to move some lights around for the fucking scene. I bound her ankles off camera and away we went. But when I saw her seated patiently on the credenza, hands tied behind her and her mouth so fully packed, I had to grab the camera for a quick photo. Just priceless. For this video clip go here, or you can go to KBS for a whole fuck ton of fucking and bondage.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


I do love executing a good handgag. Especially I love putting my hand over Natasha's mouth. Not only is she a chatty girl, her full lips feel really nice on my hand.

This is a screencap from the latest video. This was the final time we had access to that office space. Natasha is playing an office cleaner that comes to work on the wrong day, and gets all tied up and molested. You can find this clip for only $6.99 here, or with a bunch of other bondage clips over at Centaur.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

We Published a Set of Personal Photos

In the past, we'd maybe put one or two private shots on the site, or maybe just on the blog. These are generally spontaneous, no lights, very amateur-looking. This time we went ahead and put up 31 photos of Natasha and I having fun with ropes and the camera on flash. No Photoshopping (besides some cropping and sizing, but does that really count?) -- these are the raw deal. We've never done this before. Natasha likes to have her little imperfections improved with digital technology. Personally, I like things real, not studio polished so the model looks like an ultra-smooth digital construct and not even an actual person. Maybe that's just me. But perhaps it's not. Tell me what you guys like. Seriously, someone comment in here! This blog has plenty of hits, I look at the stats, but so far no one has put down their thoughts.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


We dug deeply into the archives for this clip. This footage was from back in 2000. A friend of mine, Rasputin Benoit, lived in a high-rise condo with a maze of personal storage spaces in the basement. With Celeste St. Germain as our star and her boyfriend Chip lending a hand, we went down there to shoot a bondage flick. We did an awesome chase scene down there. We all sprinted our butts off on that one, with myself and Rasputin running after the petite beauty Celeste for shot after shot. We finally got to the part where we nabbed her and she ended up tied to one of the lockers.

No one came in on us during the shooting. A couple of times we thought we heard someone come in and we all got deathly quiet....but it was nothing. Those were adventurous days. I'm happy to dig up these source tapes and re-edit this stuff.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Small Delay in the Latest Hardcore

It's coming tomorrow! Promise! We had trouble getting this shoot done, but now it is finished. I stole a screen cap from it just for you guys.

We got into that office again and we did the old scene of the secretary not doing a job so her boss ropes her up and gags her and fucks her bent over the credenza. As you can see, it's totally hot. Sometime tomorrow head on over to KBS or BVC to get this clip.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Julia Faire, a Beauty Extraodinairre

Loren Chance suggested we work with her friend Julia. We checked out her pics and we were in love. We scheduled her to fly out from LA for 2 days of shooting with us. What a rare beauty with such a lovable personality! One thing about her that I found intriguing was that she was once a SCUBA instructor. Interesting people -- they interest me. It was a fun two days.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Equipment Issues Shooting Off-Site

Well, that's not an exciting title, I know. But for the few out there that still think that shooting bound-and-gagged chicks for money is all roses and boners, this blog post is for you. Let me bring you to the land of my first-world problems.

So, with lights and camera and rope all in tow, Natasha and I leave for the office setting of this shoot. We didn't hire a camera man, we decided we could do this from a tripod. Yes, we're trying to cut costs over here. Anyway, we get all set up and we shooting the video where Natasha meets a photographer for a shoot that requires a secretary to be all tied to a chair for an ad. We get a couple of angles done and then the camera just dies when rolling for the next shot. I restart it and we go again. It dies again. And the thing is, it doesn't die with a shout out so we know it's dead. We just happen to notice that the red light is gone. I have to go over to the camera and see when it stopped., and re-do what wasn't captured on tape from a different angle.

It's got to be the battery. This camera has not seen any use in a year, and now I determine that the battery is just bad. And I didn't bring a spare, something that I had always done for off-site shooting in the past, along with spare light bulbs. So here's Natasha, securely bound to the office chair and we're rather close to wrapping this scene up, and the camera won't run for more than a minute, and now it's just impossible to deal with. I was ready to just say "fuck it" for the day, and Natasha tells me to leave her tied to the chair and head home and return with the AC power cord. Since the round-trip is 1/2 hour, I balked at leaving her all tied up.

So, I untied her, we both made the trip home and back, and retied her to that damn chair the exact same way. Even talking about it now makes me curse. With power, we got the scene done. And despite all the trouble and friggin' cursing, it really turned out damn fine. It's in two parts. To purchase  these individually, her's the links to Part 1 and Part 2. Or head on over to Centaur to buy a pass and get 70 hours of bondage video along with these two.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hogtied & Gagged in a REAL Office

Yeah, we went there. Can't tell you exactly where or when, but the photos I put up today of Natasha all tied up in her office wear were taken in a bona fide place of business. We have access to this place for just a little while longer, and we hope to shoot a scene of hardcore in there, too.

Any particular way you'd like to see Natasha in bondage in an office?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Classic Video and Memory Lane

Digging up old video from 2005-2006 has been fun. In 2004 Natasha and myself made the big move from Detroit to New Mexico. In the Spring of 2005 the house we were building was complete and we moved in. Finally, a place with open areas and large spaces for fitting lights and bondage action. It was quite nice. It was at this time we discovered Dianni Ontufay, a very hot Latina model with a gorgeous smile and a huge heart. She's probably the first local New Mexico model that made us really fall in love with the local vibe.

Around that time we had Kordelia Devonshire out here from Illinois. What a sweetheart! And what incredible boobs! :) Having this girl out was always pure joy.

The lastest update is re-edited footage from 2006 that has not been posted since that time. With a little color correction, it looks a lot better than it did. BUT, the audio on the old tape has acquired a little static in it's long stint of storage. Note to everyone: mini-DV tapes are not forever. After about 5 or so years there is some degradation.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

About Bondage Hardcore....

Remember a few days ago when I said we had no plans for doing bondage sex? Well, that changed quickly. Shot a scene today.
That's Natasha totally naked, bound up really tightly and her lips on my cock. And I'm sitting on a motorcycle. Life could not get much better. Anyway, this clip should be up by July 9th in the evening on Kidnapped for Bondage Sex and Bondage Video Clips.

So, our current plans are to reignite KBS with new video updates weekly. Why not?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Photos That Have Never Been Published

We have quite a few. Today we just updated with 20-some photos of Natasha Flade and Danielle Trixie carried into a room bound and gagged and then chair-tied. We always covered every video we shot with some photos, mainly for promotional purposes. Photos seem to have fallen from favor for a lot of fans -- video has become far more popular. Personally, I still love photos, and wish I would have taken the time to take more. But, when you have a model making $XX per hour you really must gravitate to what will make the most profit. So, we published every video we ever shot, but alot of the photos never saw the light of day. Today, some of these came to light.

So, we'll start posing some of these unpublished photos in the coming weeks. Keep checking Centaur. Does anyone out there prefer photos to video? If it came down to either one or the other that I could have with me on a deserted island, I think the iPad would be full of photos, not video.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Little Hogtie Fun

Natasha in this little pink top is just delicious. I had her kneel down facing the bedroom wall and bound her crossed wrists behind her and then had her cross her feet and bound them as well.
As I went along I was snapping a few pics. She was then seated with her back against the wall and her soles facing me. I gagged her with a cute polka-dot bandanna. Then it was hogtie time.
She really is the perfect damsel to have at home. I took quite a few pics of this whole affair. Even though they are just flash photos, I'm thinking of posting the set on the site. I certainly love them. Would it be worthwhile to post the rest, even though the quality is rather amateur? Let me know in the comments.

Friday, July 5, 2013

We're Back....Sort of....

In September of 2012, we posted our last update. Well, we thought it was our last update. In June of 2013 we shot a couple of new Natasha videos and updated with a Point-of-View video, a satire on our "retirement" that lasted less than a year.

So this is our current plan: Natasha Flade is back modeling for photos and videos, but since we don't really have the capital for investing in other models, we'll be updating with re-edited classic footage that hasn't been seen in years. So far we've posted a video with Chloe and Bridgette, and another with Loren and Britnigh. Fans can either buy a traditional membership at Centaur or make an individual purchase of a clip a BVC.

The new business did not get off to as fast of a start as we had hoped, so yes, we need some cash flow. We'd love to tell you what business we've started, but please understand, it's better for us if no one knows. We currently have no idea how long we may be running Centaur, but we may be doing this for the next year. Or so. Who knows? It's not like Natasha doesn't love being bound and gagged, and hopefully everyone still loves seeing her that way.

The hardcore? There are no present plans to resurrect Kidnapped for Bondage Sex.  You can still go there and get all of the photos and video that we shot the past few years. The hardcore is much more difficult to shoot, and our time is spread a bit thin.

See? Doesn't she look happy? I'll keep tying her up for our mutual entertainment. I'll try to post some of opur personal pics here and over at Centaur. We're happy to get shooting again. We hope you're happy, too. So let us know in the comments how you would like to see Natasha tied up and gagged. We may pick a couple ideas and run with them.