Monday, December 30, 2013

Possibly the Best Bondage Sex Scene Ever

Natasha Flade getting taken in both ends! Loren Chance is ramming her with a strap-on in the back while I'm forcing her to suck my cock. Really, this is a work of art. Check it out here or over here.

Friday, December 27, 2013

First Babysitter Video with Julia Faire

And it's such a fun one! She's got the most beautiful smile in the business, and when she smiles like she's playing along with your tie-up game your heart will melt. I'm already wanting this girl to come back for more. Seriously! This video can be purchased here or with a subscription over here. Julia plays her babysitter role incredibly well, and that OTM gag is the only thing that makes her smile even better. ;)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Megan Joy

There's the joy of Xmas, and there's the joy of a bound and ballgagged and spread-out-on-the-table Megan Joy. This is an old video I dug up from 2006. We only worked with her for the two days that year and never again. She was wonderful to work with, and I forget if she got out of the business or we just never connected again. Either way, too bad, she was fantastic: big boobs, hot body, and I was in love with her perfect feet! :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Loren Chance Fucking My Wife

We met Loren back in 2005. She was living in New Mexico back then, and started modelling for us, and later doing camera work. We became fast friends, partially due to our mutual love for travel. Once we even met up at a music festival in the Sahara Desert in Mali. That's west Africa. She's smart as hell and she's always fascinating to chat up.

Now she resides in California, and when she comes into town to visit her parents we get together for some shooting and socializing. Yesterday she came over and we did a few scenes for Kidnapped for Bondage Sex, a POV for Centaur, and one video for For the POV I chased her through the house and hogtied her on the cold tile floor in the kitchen. She's tough and took it well.

After all the shooting was done the three of us had dinner that Natasha had made. We had a Solstice party to attend, so off we went, driving through the mountain pass on a snowy night to get there. KBS and Centaur luminaries Sergio and Chloe Night were also there, and it was wonderful -- just a perfect day.

I Love Shooting POVs

The only reason I love shooting Point-Of-View (POV) video clips is that we get them done in a single take. The time it takes to tie a girl up and molest her, well that's how long it takes to shoot. Usually, with cuts and changing angles and mistakes, it will take 30-45 minutes go get a resulting 10-minute clip done. None of that hassle when I strap the Hero camera to my head and just go. But I always tell the model two things before we start. One, is that she absolutely has the right to cut in the middle of a POV if something is wrong, like something is way too tight or pinching. Two, call cut if the light on the camera stops blinking. No use in keeping going if the battery died and we're getting zero footage. Our latest POV video stars Danielle Trixie, who is a dream to work with. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Photos That Started It All

Back in 2001 Natasha and I did the first babysitter bondage-themed set of photos. I found them, well, most of them. Some of the topless ones are missing, sorry to say. But most of the set is now on Babysitter Bondage. It was the cavalcade of comments that we received via email that prompted up to make a DVD around the same theme, "The Nanny." This quickly became our best-seller. If there's any interest we may resurrect it for sale. But most of that movie is available as clips on the site.

Two other sets of photos went up today. One, a classic babysitter set with Natasha in jeans and boots from 2005, and a brand new one with her ending up hogtied and barefoot on the bed.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hopefully, More Variety Coming Soon

But for now, it's the same old me and Natasha Flade. But possibly as early as next week's KBS update, we could have someone else in the mix. Loren Chance will be in town for a limited time, and we hope to snag her for some hardcore. Chloe Night is also coming back for a bit longer, and we're pretty sure we can get her back in front of the camera. If all works out swimmingly, we can get her and Sergio to do their thing together. No promises of anything at this time! We're just working on stuff. In the meantime, here's a photo of the latest bondage hardcore with Natasha tied up and bent over with my cock in her.

Beautiful Girls with Beautiful Smiles

Candle Boxx and Natasha Flade and I were working on this set where I was roping up these fitness experts because my character believed them to be ripping off my fat brother. When Natasha is feeling really good, she's really chatty. This is one of the reasons it's way fun to gag her. If you're one into gag-talk, she's perfect. Even with a mouth fully stuffed and wrapped, she still tries to make herself heard and understood. Anyway, with a chatty Natasha and and everyone else in a goofy mood, some screw-ups occurred. I included a couple of outtakes on the latest video update to Centaur, which is part 1 of "Ripping Off My Fat Brother."

Friday, December 13, 2013

Babysitter and Mommy Roped & Molested!

This is one of those "happens only in porn" plots. So, back in part 1, Dannielle Trixie and Natasha Flade find themselves simply tied and OTM gagged in a little game. Now, in part 2, a real robber comes in for more serious tying, gagging and then some disrobing and molesting. Obviously, a fun video to shoot. :) We're quite pleased to see the Babysitter Bondage site take off. All the girls have been playing their roles extremely well for this site. Def worth a look.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Days of Crazy Outtakes

Connie Sims was always a hoot to work with back in the Detroit days. It's a good thing we can all laugh at ourselves. This clip is included in the latest video update with Connie Sims and Veronica Byrne, classic footage from 2000. You can even hear Natasha's laughter in the background. Natasha and I were pretty new in our relationship back then, as we had just had our first date in February of that year.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Natasha Blonde

We just put up a retro video of Natasha hogtied and giving me head. It's from 2007 and she's blonde. Rare sight, indeed. I think it was this shoot we were trying out a new cameraman. He did fine, but we ended up hiring someone else that we liked better, though. Anyway, enjoy the blonde look. Does anyone out there want her to be blonde again?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

What a Fun Time!

Having Julia Faire out for a few days was exceptional. She's a good spirit, that girl. Unfortunately for her, though, is that we tend to keep the thermostat a lot lower than her raised-in-a-warm-clime body likes. She was eating lunch with us wearing a jacket with the hood up. We did a lot of great scenes, and the second day was all 2-girl sets with Natasha. A shot from the one I put up today is below: the girls in heels and tightly-bound elbows.

When I picked up Julia from the airport she immediately asked if there was a health food store in town. Well, there certainly is, and don't we have something in common! Natasha and I are not chips and pork rind consumers and take exercise and our health quite seriously. So does Julia, and when you see her body you will know I speak the truth.

She didn't schedule her flight out the same day as her last shooting day, but rather the day after. Nothing was rushed, less stress. Also important for health. We miss her, and she will definitely be coming back next year.

Can someone turn up the heat? Please?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

10 hours of Shooting Julia -- Done!

Julia Faire is soooo pleasant to work with! I'll dive into more details tomorrow, but for right now, here's a perfect shot from a perfect damsel. She's got her angry look on right here. :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Julia Faire Has Arrived!

We were getting snowed in for the second time this season -- the very day I had to pick up Julia Faire from the airport. In case our rural road did not get plowed in time, I made arrangements with Sergio, a dear friend in town, to pick her up and house her until I was able to get out. As it turned out, this backup plan was not necessary. We had accumulated about 6-7 inches of snow, I shoveled my way out and the roads were plowed. It was slow-going, still, with plenty of the slick business out there. But all is well. I'm down here in the office blogging while listening to Julia and Natasha chat it up in the kitchen.

The Babysittter and the Mommy

We just put up part 1 of a 2-part Babysitter Bondage clip. It's all fun and games getting tied up until a real robber arrives. Ha. Part two is when the robber gets down to business molesting his already-tied-up prey. This video is just a babysitter playing a game, then the mommy coming home and joining in.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fighting Chicks in Their Panties

In the classic 2-girl video that I dug up from 1999, I get to wrestle down Leah Iron and handcuff her. Curiously, she's only wearing her panties about the house. Once she's secure and tape-gagged, her friend Marsha Roxbury appears with a hunk of pipe (and also only wearing panties), ready to do ugly business with my head. We dance the dance of the martial artists, with me gaining the advantage.

This was all taking place in their dreams, which may not be clear from this little video clip. We had a weird, surreal plot going on in the feature-length plot of "Incubus." My character, the mysterious man in the black trenchcoat and the dark shades, inhabits their dreams, sorta like Freddy Krueger. Instead of slashing them up, I'm tying them up.

So, what do you folks think about odd plots and atmospheric music in your bondage video? Is it superfluous indulgence on my part? Or is this shit cool?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We finally got a new KBS video done, and since we haven't been able to shoot a new one in awhile, we decided to do something a little special. We topped it off with a real cumshot -- semen all over her belly at the end. It's always been difficult for me to cum on camera, but this time it was quite easy. I had a bunch stored up and was pretty darn ready to go. The scene is pretty cool, with Natasha tied in a traditional X on the bed, totally nude. Check it out, it certainly has a happy ending.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Okay, Shooting Tomorrow

Natasha's brother just left after a wonderful holiday visit, and now she's all weepy. She's not shooting today, fans. Please cut the girl some slack. I should have seen this coming, but I didn't. Natasha sees him only once every year or two, due to distance, and it's only the second time she's met her little niece (she's two-and-a half). She will have it together tomorrow (Tuesday, 12-3). Promise. Goodbyes are always hard.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Delay on KBS Update

A back injury last week stopped us from shooting the two scenes we had planned for KBS. Now we have relatives over until Monday afternoon. The plan is this: See the kin off the airport and then shoot and update with one of the scenes later that day. In short, new bondage sex footage will be coming Monday evening. Hang tight, folks, we're working on it.