Thursday, July 28, 2016

Early 1998

I came a cross a DVD that I had transferred from a master tape that I had submitted to Harmony Concepts back in 1998. This was the very first stuff I had put to video. They rejected it, but I went on to make a bunch of vids for those folks. One of the main reasons they didn't want this movie was because of the lighting. Can't blame them.

Literally, one day I was whacking it to some Harmony VHS tape and I got to thinking that I could do this. I mean make bondage movies. Doesn't look that hard. And I really do hate my fucking job, so maybe I could even make a living at this. So, I went to Best Buy and picked up a home video camera, placed an ad in a local paper looking for models and I tied up some girls and shot them. No extra lights.

Well, consumer-grade camera + no lighting = shoddy looking video. I was having fun, though. I'm sure I have the original tapes and I could make them look better than the twice-transferred-business you see below. I still have that old camera and it still works! The breakout box (necessary to transfer from this camera to the computer) that I have needs a driver, which I have yet to locate.

So, if I can get shit together, would you like to see some of this old, grainy amateur video?

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