Monday, July 25, 2016

Adding Our Old Movies for Download

As of this writing we have two titles available: Thespians and The Process. These were our first DVD releases, after a few years' worth of VHS movies. We do have plans to make those old VHS flick available too, we just need to get some equipment off eBay to make that happen.

Thespians is about a couple of actresses and their director, and stars Natasha Flade, Tabitha Katz and Lydia Lyles. The shooting was going along all fine and wonderful until someone bit someone else's boob too hard. I'll be more specific. We had Natasha and Tabitha naked and roped to chairs and Lydia was really getting into her role with the biting and the groping and put a too much tooth to Tabitha's nipple. We don't play for pain, and Tabitha didn't sign on for such shenanigans. So Tabitha was pissed, but she's a pro and a just a darn good person to boot so we were able to shoot the rest of the movie without a hitch or any drama. But check the crew shot. Tabitha did not muster a smile for that one.

The Process we shot in two parts in two different locations. First was the home part, with Tabitha Katz and Connie Sims with Jesus Dios in an acting role. The second part was in Lydia Lyles' apartment, which starred herself along with Natasha, Miranda Capulet, and Quinn K. supporting. In apartments you always have to worry about neighbors. But Lydia lived in a place that was probably built around 1900. So we had an advantage of thick plaster walls and sturdy everything else. But when we had Lydia and Miranda handcuffed to a radiator, they were jangling so much that I feared someone would thing the place was haunted. But no one complained. Well, it was Detroit. Generally you only complain when a neighbor is murdering someone, not making a little extra noise. Alas, I only remembered to take a crew shot for Part 1.

 Note, Tabitha was happier here. :)

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  1. Gee, Tabitha was indeed one of the most beautiful girls that ever figured on Centaur CElluloid! I do miss these "all-natural" ladies.