Sunday, March 6, 2016

That Hair-Pulling Was Real

As you may know, we're making movies over here. When the script calls for wrestling a woman down with some handgag action, we all try to be careful about not hurting one another. I don't expect to get a fingernail in my eye nor do the models expect to get thrown down really hard on a tile floor. But once in awhile, something happens and some maneuver hurts way more than intended. When Natasha yanked my hair in this scene, the yanking went a little harder than it should have. We laughed about it when cut was called (and I left that in the outtake at the end of the clip), but damn, I think I may have lost some hairs on that move. Anyway, both Candle Boxx and Natasha Flade had a lot of moxie in their resisting-the-kidnapper that day. It really showed. The clip is at Centaur and BVC.

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