Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2005's "Photographs" Ready for Download

I will always remember fondly the days when we made movies that were like movies. For those few of us that enjoy their bondage with an hour-long plot, looks like all we will have are these older flicks.

Photographs was the video debut of local goth model Gwendolyn Giovanni. She did fantastic as the creepy stalker. In real life she wasn't the least bit creepy, but very smart and fun to be around. I remember her giggling the first time Natasha and I tied her to a chair. Sweet girl.

We shot this across two days, and even threw in a scene of bondage sex -- a first for a plotted feature film of ours. Connie Sims came down from Vegas. We worked with her for years in Detroit and she moved out west about the same time we did. It was great to have her back doing her thing with us in a totally different part of the country.

So, you can have this movie right here.

Gwendolyn getting the business from Connie Sims (left) and Natasha Flade (right).

Thursday, August 11, 2016

How About That Time We Shot Porn at a Friend's Mom's House?

Way back in 1998 when I was first shooting VHS material for Harmony Concepts, it wasn't long before I was looking to diversify settings beyond my own house. A friend of mine was still living with his folks, and they were going to be gone overnight, so he offered up his place. Well, why not?

I arranged for Celeste St. Germain and Andrea Lake to show up for a script I had written called, "The Snow Falcon," a boots-themed bondage extravaganza. We shot in the living room, the basement, and sorta had the little fear in the back of our minds of if his parents suddenly showed up, like something went wrong with whatever they had going on. But we pulled it off; his folks were never the wiser. We left behind no trace. Didn't forget about one of the models tied up somewhere.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Early 1998

I came a cross a DVD that I had transferred from a master tape that I had submitted to Harmony Concepts back in 1998. This was the very first stuff I had put to video. They rejected it, but I went on to make a bunch of vids for those folks. One of the main reasons they didn't want this movie was because of the lighting. Can't blame them.

Literally, one day I was whacking it to some Harmony VHS tape and I got to thinking that I could do this. I mean make bondage movies. Doesn't look that hard. And I really do hate my fucking job, so maybe I could even make a living at this. So, I went to Best Buy and picked up a home video camera, placed an ad in a local paper looking for models and I tied up some girls and shot them. No extra lights.

Well, consumer-grade camera + no lighting = shoddy looking video. I was having fun, though. I'm sure I have the original tapes and I could make them look better than the twice-transferred-business you see below. I still have that old camera and it still works! The breakout box (necessary to transfer from this camera to the computer) that I have needs a driver, which I have yet to locate.

So, if I can get shit together, would you like to see some of this old, grainy amateur video?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Adding Our Old Movies for Download

As of this writing we have two titles available: Thespians and The Process. These were our first DVD releases, after a few years' worth of VHS movies. We do have plans to make those old VHS flick available too, we just need to get some equipment off eBay to make that happen.

Thespians is about a couple of actresses and their director, and stars Natasha Flade, Tabitha Katz and Lydia Lyles. The shooting was going along all fine and wonderful until someone bit someone else's boob too hard. I'll be more specific. We had Natasha and Tabitha naked and roped to chairs and Lydia was really getting into her role with the biting and the groping and put a too much tooth to Tabitha's nipple. We don't play for pain, and Tabitha didn't sign on for such shenanigans. So Tabitha was pissed, but she's a pro and a just a darn good person to boot so we were able to shoot the rest of the movie without a hitch or any drama. But check the crew shot. Tabitha did not muster a smile for that one.

The Process we shot in two parts in two different locations. First was the home part, with Tabitha Katz and Connie Sims with Jesus Dios in an acting role. The second part was in Lydia Lyles' apartment, which starred herself along with Natasha, Miranda Capulet, and Quinn K. supporting. In apartments you always have to worry about neighbors. But Lydia lived in a place that was probably built around 1900. So we had an advantage of thick plaster walls and sturdy everything else. But when we had Lydia and Miranda handcuffed to a radiator, they were jangling so much that I feared someone would thing the place was haunted. But no one complained. Well, it was Detroit. Generally you only complain when a neighbor is murdering someone, not making a little extra noise. Alas, I only remembered to take a crew shot for Part 1.

 Note, Tabitha was happier here. :)

Go directly to our page with all of our feature movie downloads.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Woods of Tennessee in 2000

Came upon an old photoset from 16 years ago. It took me back to the time Natasha and I headed south to visit my Dad in Tennessee. Natasha and I had been together less than a year, and this was the first time she would meet him. He had a little place on about 200 acres of west Tennessee forest and rolling hills. So what do we do? We head out deep in the woods and shoot some bondage! Dad just knew we liked walks in the woods. He was an older gent and was only up to one walk a day. But we'd be up for two. A couple of the old photos have been resurrected for your delight! She's triple gagged in these shots.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Star Nine Paid Us a Visit

I was really hoping we could get some serious outside bondage time, but the weather refused to cooperate. It was cold and rainy both days she was here. Star is a California girl, and doesn't take too well to the cold. The rain broke for a bit and we rushed outside. I set up the tripod and roped her to a post. We did a lovely and super-quick scene. Alas, being in such a hurry mistakes were made by me during the shooting, which resulted in a much shorter product than originally intended. :(

That was the only hiccup. I hope. Otherwise it was great spending a little time with Star -- she's a true professional and a sweetheart to boot. We hope to catch her again next year!

And the coupon is back! Buy some clips at BVC to make your own fireworks for the 4th! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kordelia Devonshire and Places You Should Not Shoot Porn

But we shot there, anyway. It's one thing to shoot outside when you own a bit of wilderness, which we did a lot of. But's another to shoot in a national monument? We did that. It was simple, only a photoset -- no running and screaming or handgagging. But there were some bonds, a gag, and tits. There were other tourists at the site, so keeping a quiet, low, profile was essential. This place is the ruins of a church built in the early 1600s. Cool, eh? The photoset will come later. this is just a sneak peak. And a big thanks to brave Kordelia for being down with this!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

That Hair-Pulling Was Real

As you may know, we're making movies over here. When the script calls for wrestling a woman down with some handgag action, we all try to be careful about not hurting one another. I don't expect to get a fingernail in my eye nor do the models expect to get thrown down really hard on a tile floor. But once in awhile, something happens and some maneuver hurts way more than intended. When Natasha yanked my hair in this scene, the yanking went a little harder than it should have. We laughed about it when cut was called (and I left that in the outtake at the end of the clip), but damn, I think I may have lost some hairs on that move. Anyway, both Candle Boxx and Natasha Flade had a lot of moxie in their resisting-the-kidnapper that day. It really showed. The clip is at Centaur and BVC.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Tying Up Four Models At Once!

This was the year 2000, and up to that point I had never had that many models on a movie shoot all at the same time. This was a big thing for me, as I had only been shooting bondage flicks for about two years at the time. It was hectic enough organizing a shoot for two.

So, I had the first two models scheduled to arrive and shoot their scenes first. Tabitha Katz and Gia Lanay were rookies (yeah, I did that shit backwards) and were the first ones. Despite their rookiness, everything went fine, and then a couple of my pros arrived for the big 4-some scene in the basement: Miranda Capulet and Mai Tai. Getting everyone tied up was time-consuming, but it got done and I got all the action shots and the struggly shots and then the photos. Getting all four into the same camera angle was challenging, as the basement isn't very big and it was filled with boxes to make it look like a warehouse.

My friend Chico LaFons was doing on-camera bad guy work (I wish one of the magazine shots had him in there). He's a guy that is a little nervous around women and he had to do things like unbuttoning damsel's tops. He did fine -- just like the rest of us getting models naked for the first time.

These scenes were featured in the July, 2000 issue of Bondage Life, pictured below.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Movie Review

This is from the September 2001 issue of Taboo. They reviewed Madame Katasha's Love Potion, our first (and only) bondage comedy. We got Natasha Flade a rental gypsy costume. I begged her to try out her gypsy accent on me before we began shooting, but she refused, feeling silly, I didn't understand how going a fake accent in front of me alone was more embarrassing than doing it in front of a camera and crew. But anyway, she she got to delivering her lines, it was pure campy awesome.

The reviews never laud our plots, and I know no one buys a video for the script writing, but damn, we always had a ton of fun doing these things like a "real" movie. We acted our hearts out, and I'll give hefty praise to the acting talents of Tabitha Katz, Miranda Capulet and Elijah X. We miss those guys and the times we had in the old school bondage movie-making world!

Madame Katasha's Love Potion was a VHS release and never made it to DVD, but some of the clips are still available at Centaur.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Old Harmony Mags & Vids

When I was freelancing a videos to Harmony Concepts from 1998-2001 sometimes they would put promotional photos of my movies in their magazines. For the flick, The Director, the Thief, the Actress and the Rogue, they gave a few pages of the October 1999 Love Bondage Scenes. The cover, even! That was cool. In fact, two of my movies were in that particular issue, the other being The Flamingo Lamp.

Here are four of those pages, scanned for your retro viewing pleasure. The movie starred our early luminaries, Veronica Byrne, Miranda Capulet, and Connie Sims. There's a few more pages, and I'll share those another day.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ever Have One of Those Moments?

When, for maybe just a fleeting few seconds, the world falls into place and you know you're on the right path in life? When everything feels amazing and perfect?

Had Tabitha Katz and Gia Lanay out for their very first shoot in early 2000 for a Harmony movie called "Scorpion, Inc." Things were a little crazy and stressful at first. There was some script trouble and Tabitha was nervous being tied to a chair in a room with strangers. Then we were doing the scene up in the bedroom with Gia very firmly roped to that chair. Unscripted, Tabitha hops on board and I get that shot below. It was hilarious and erotic and . . .perfect. No more tension. Just some laughter and peace and a deep feeling of all is well. There's love and bondage in the house!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Attack of the Old Prints

Been digging through old boxes of bondage photos made in the very earliest days of Centaur Celluloid. Some of these have not seen the light of day in 10 years. No joke, these have been sealed up back in Detroit, moved across the country to New Mexico in 2004, then carted around to four different domiciles since then and have never been opened since then. Until now.

I didn't know what the hell I was doing as far as lighting back then, but the women were tied up well. They ranged from cute to badass beautiful. I've been putting up a sample or two up on Twitter the last week. And now, just today, I scanned in a couple sets from Sara Blade and Audra Rain from 1998-1999 and put them up at Centaur. The Sara Blade photos and the ones with Audra hogtied were never, ever published before. The last set with Audra tied hand and foot on the bed was published, but now the scans are at a much higher resolution and a far better quality than back in 1999.

So, over the next few months expect more of these sets popping up for download for Centaur members. Should we also put the sets up for individual download over at BVC or C4S? Maybe for a $2 per set or something? Lend us your thoughts.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Digging through old boxes in the garage can reveal some old treasures. Happened upon a pristine brochure from the summer of 2002. The video being advertised on the front page is The Process. We were making a big deal that this was available on DVD. Yes, this was our only second DVD release. And it was priced at $39! Printing out these things with the color inkjet and folding them neatly and packing them with the video orders was a big part of my workday back in those years.

We have re-released The Process recently. It's only $9 though. Oh how the times have changed. Check out our old font and logo on the top of that brochure.

Monday, January 11, 2016


Remember magazines? The ancient way we used to fap to porn? You'd buy a bondage porn mag for $12 and hope for like a dozen (maybe black & white) photos that really hit the spot. Maybe a couple of stories. The rest of the pics had woman tied up and gagged, for sure, but they didn't zero in perfectly on your specific tastes. Oh, the trials of being kinky before the rise of the internet!

But those pages (that would stick together forever if you ever shot off an ill-aimed load) were where I got my start. Back in my college days I had a girlfriend that was game to allow me to photograph her all tied up and send the pics off for publication. This was Becca, and her tied-up adventures adorned many a magazine from Harmony Concepts. Here's a page from Bondage Life 42, 1992.

I remember shooting this set. This is her parents' bedroom, and they were off on vacation somewhere. I think they would have been a little angry about us using their bed as a bondage photo studio for a kinky porn mag. We used their house and my folks' house quite a bit for our shots. We both still lived at home, and even a cheapo motel is pricey for college students.

So, fast forward 9 years from this set (and 11 from my first photoset published in 1990) and I have a bondage movie being reviewed favorably in Hustler's Taboo magazine. I have been making movies for Harmony Concepts since 1998, and my own company, Centaur Celluloid, since 1999. For House Hostages, I had hired two local models and had my new girlfriend, the too-damn-hot-to-be-my-girlfriend Natasha Flade. I was now actually being noticed by the fetish community at large, and I felt like I had "made" it. I was starting to be "big time." Whatever that meant in the small pool damsel bondage porn. I was proud of that VHS movie, and I still am.

Pay no attention to the girl pissing in the upper right. That's a shot from Liquid Gold 3. Not mine.