Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Long Shooting Day

Danielle Trixie is with us right now. We just had a six hour shoot, something we have not done in over a year. We did two hours, lunch break, then four hours. It may not sound like much, but it's pretty fucking tiring for any bondage model to be bound and gagged and struggling and getting all molested for that amount of time. Since we currently don't have a cameraman on the set; it's Natasha and I doing all the running about lugging equipment. Once Natasha joined in on the modeling, all the racing about was on me.

At one point, I had set the photo camera down somewhere and for fuck's sake, I couldn't find the damn thing. I think I shot about 15 minutes hunting before I found that I absentmindedly set it on a shelf in a closet. Both of the girls were tied up while I was running about looking.

A good day, a long day, and more tomorrow. Easier tomorrow, though. Two hours, lunch, then two hours with Sergio helping out, then we run off to the airport to say our goodbyes to Danielle.

Right now, as I'm blogging, I hear Danielle in the guest bedroom giggling as she's texting. Natasha is upstairs watching the World Series: She's recently discovered a love for baseball. Sure, a long work day. But, we're doing bondage, not mining coal. We had a great after-shoot dinner and we're all relaxing right now. Natasha and I have been shooting Danielle since 2007 -- we all have a comfortable working relationship and friendship. A long day, a good day indeed.

Friday, October 18, 2013

We Miss Tabitha Katz!

This girl is from our Detroit days. She starred in tons of our old Harmony movies, along with so many of the early Centaur videos. Such a total sweetheart! Beautiful face and a smokin' bod -- she was always perfect in photos and video. Fun to hang out with (she usually came to our parties), quick with this smile that could blow you away....I could go on and on about Tabitha.

If I remember correctly, the latest Centaur video update is taken from the second movie we shot with her. Maybe the third. That was a long time ago, back in 2000. We were still in touch just a couple years ago, but now the connection has been lost. Hopefully not permanently.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hogtied Giving Head

Neat little plot attached the last hardcore Natasha and I shot awhile back. She was my mistress and she was going to rat me out to my wife if I didn't buy her a car. Of course, I roped her up and stuck my dick in her mouth to shut her up. That strategy worked nicely.

You can see this clip as one of hundreds over here, or you can make a single purchase of this clip over here.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Voluntary Gags

In the home shot below, Natasha has her mouth stuffed, but there's nothing to stop her from spitting it out. I love the look. I also love the idea that she's keeping herself gagged because I want her to. OTM gags also fit into the voluntary gag category, since they do nothing to physically silence your captive. I like those, too. But I don't feel either gag really fits in with the theme of a damsels-in-distress site. Any thoughts on voluntary gags?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Little Home Bondage

One thousand apologies for not blogging lately. Nothing much has been going on, but I should have at least posted a few of Natasha's personal photos. So I'm doing that now. I adore simple ties. This one is simple, but to me, powerful. And fun! :)